Web Design - Graphic Design

Since the dawn of the internet age, Crawford Computer Consulting has been around to help in every need for your private and commercial websites. Having worked with computers since the 1980's and internet code since 1996 makes CCC a great company to work with. And almost everything is quite affordable.

Click on a question below and discover how Crawford Computer Consulting can help you:

I need a new website built for my family photos. Can you help?
Yes. Any kind of personal websites are a joy to build and maintain. Here are just a few ideas of what kind of personal websites we can create together:
  • Family Blog - Keep the world informed to what you're family has been up to
  • Photo Site - Keep a journal of your photos, whether professional or from a cellphone
  • Family Reunion - Have a site specifically for keeping all family involved for a reunion
  • Family Journal - A journal for family activities that isn't world-interactive
  • Baby Journal - Keep an ongoing site for baby's growth and progress
  • Sport Diary - If you have a child playing sports, keeping people updated can be fun!
  • Anything You Can Conceive!
Let us know your ideas and let's discuss how an affordable site may benefit you and your family!
Our new business needs an e-commerce site. Can it be done?
Absolutely! One of our specialities is building websites with customer satisfaction in mind. Some of the things you can expect for your needs are:
  • Responsive websites for tablet and cellphone usage
  • Customizable storefront
  • Credit card acceptance and integration, whether merchant or payment systems
  • Online ordering for things like local delivery (important during these times)
  • Photo editing services available
  • Graphic design available, including logo design
  • 24/7 support with the extended capacity programs
  • Anything You Can Conceive!
Let us know your ideas and let's discuss how an affordable site may benefit you and your business, even if only a one page site for information!
Our company needs social media support. Do you do that?
Yes, but with limitations. If your company expects to use social media extensively, we recommend hiring a media manager. But, if you only require occasional updates, we can certainly accommodate that need through a monthly fee program that accepts new content at almost any time for inclusion onto all of your social media pages.

The world is quite unlimited right now. And social media is a huge aspect of it all. That's why we support business programs that need a social media presence.
We really need a new logo for our business. Is it possible?
Yes, definitely. We have all of the state-of-art methods to create what you need. We are also involved with several digital media artists in the area for different perspectives on a logo design you could use. And you're never stuck with one design, as we will continue to work with you until you have something to be proud to display.

Logos are all part of your branding, so it's a good idea to have access to the best possible logo designers to get what you need. With a poorly-designed logo you cannot build on your brand. Let us know what you're thinking and we'll help you out.
My restaurant needs new menus designed. Can you do print media?
Definitely! Creating print media is something we can do, without question. Some of the ideas of what we can do are:
  • Flyer and brochure design
  • Business cards
  • Restaurant menus
  • Banner design
  • Unique, professional book covers
  • Billboard designs including help with placement
  • Letterhead and stationary designs
  • Anything!
We are a full-service design company, but we are not a printer. The designs are built separate from the costs for printing, although we do work with local printers to get your product approved and printed.

No matter what you could need, we will work with you in a professional manner to build whatever you need at an affordable rate or package price.

Media/Video Creation

Crawford Computer Consulting shares a great relationship with PA Films and their producers of various media. From movie and short media, to commerical productions and commercial creation, PA Films is the best company to work with in this regard. Since 2007 PA Films LLC has been helping local companies and individuals to create work for most media release.

Click on a question below to find out how Crawford Computer Consulting and PA Films can help you with what you need:

Can you create a commercial for my business?
Yes. One of the ways this partnership works best is to have the ability to work with the people of the area to create quality commercials for any business. Whether for online media presentation, television broadcast, or for localized viewing, CCC and PA Films are here for you.
We need an animated advertisement. Can it be done?
Absolutely! As a full-service facility, CCC can construct an ad for your business that does what you need it to do. A good idea is to contact us when you have an idea you'd like to implement, or call with a general idea and let us conceive something for you. But either way, give us a call and let's talk about it!
Do you film weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, family events, etc.?
No. Someone in the wedding video or event video business is better suited for that sort of thing.
My band needs a music video shot for release. Can you help?
Yes, with limitations. CCC wouldn't be involved for much of that, but PA Films can certainly help. Make sure to visit their site.

Here is one of their music video productions for you to view:

The world is wide open for media creation and you can get started by giving us a call. If you have an idea, or even if you have no ideas, phone or e-mail us about helping you to create whatever you need!


Having been in the business for some time, repairs are an essential need for both consumers and businesses alike. Our electronics-trained technician can build, modify, and repair almost any situation you have with your computers, whether desktop or laptop.

Click on a question below to find out how Crawford Computer Consulting can help:

My computer has been acting up lately. Can you fix that?
Yes. We can fix most software and hardware-based problems that occur.
If you notice that your computer is:
  • Sluggish or slow to respond...
  • Not as fast as it was when you purchased it...
  • Bogged down with malware/viruses/spyware
  • Popping up windows randomly...
  • Possibly virus infected...
  • Making weird smells when on...
  • Not turning on...
Bring it in for a low-cost checkup and let us diagnose your problems. Many problems are a quick fix, but some may take time to repair. Either way, we won't know until we can check it out.
I'd like to upgrade some of my computer components. Can you do that?
Yes. Our technician is capable of upgrading almost all components in a desktop system, including:
  • Video card and drivers
  • Sound card and drivers
  • RAM and memory
  • Storage, solid state drive (SSD), and hard drives
  • CPUs (in many cases)
  • Power supplies
  • Accessory cards (networking, Bluetooth, additional USB, etc.)
Most of these items can easily be replaced in desktop systems, but are a bit more difficult in laptops. But without diagnosing the possibilities, we cannot tell. Call for an appointment and set up a time to have our technician take a look.
My computer won't turn on anymore. Can it be fixed?
Maybe. At CCC we pride ourselves in telling you the truth about your computer. If we're unable to fix it, we can help you locate another machine for your needs. See our Purchasing for more info.
My internet is slow/sluggish/not working. Would you be able to fix it?
Most likely, yes. Networking problems tend to come down to only a handful of issues, but most times it is hardware-related. Often we see that the issue is something simple and able to be fixed within a few minutes. Sometimes it isn't so simple. Either way, have us come out and look at the problems.
My cellphone isn't working anymore. Can you fix that?
Maybe. Many of the newer cellphones have proprietary systems that can only be repaired by authorized technicians or centers. But, if it cannot be fixed, we can help you find alternatives, many times at a reduced rate.


Crawford Computer Consulting has the ability to order just about anything related to computing with ease. Much of it can be purchased locally, but other times we must reach out to manufacturers worldwide in order to get what we need.

Some of the items we have the ability to purchase for your home or business needs:

  • Complete systems - Desktop and Laptop
  • Computer components (Video, sound, storage, memory, cases, etc.)
  • Software requirements
  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Computer Periphery (Keyboards, mice, trackballs)
  • Computer Monitors
  • Gaming Hardware and implements
  • Business hardware and software

When it comes to ordering what you need, the world is wide open. Give us a call to help fill your needs.


An integral part of using the internet, networking represents your ability to not only get online, but also connect to other computers near you. Without a network presence, your computer remains alone and unable to communicate with other computers around the world or even in your home or office.

Modems, routers, switches, hubs, cabling, and more constitute networking, and it can be a headache for many people. But we like to simplify most of it as much as possible. Give us a call and let us work on your networking problems. We can resolve most issues, from an inability to get online to setting up a new network in your home or office.

About Crawford Computer Consulting

With it's beginnings more than 20 years ago, Crawford Computer Consulting (CCC) has been helping families, family-owned businesses, and corporations with their computing needs. With a very affordable service rate, they believe that helping is more important than being rich, which many companies cannot successfully claim.

Starting in the backroom of a small apartment, Jeff built the business after his partnership with the now defunct Black Widow Computers LLC. Working with computers since the 1980's, the company has grown over the years and now supports several aspects of the computing industry and technology-based information age. And they continue on from here, based in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, They don't look to expand but concentrate on solid connections in the area.

Jeff looks forward to helping you with anything and everything you have issues with or need designed for your personal or business needs. Make the call and get satisfied!

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